maximizing our potential
At Yeshivas Toras Simcha, we strive to maximize the unique potential of each of our talmidim,
enabling them to become lifelong bnei Torah both in bein adam lamakom and bein adam l’chaveiro.
Many of our alumni continue in kollelim, and have become, bs”d,
respected talmidei chachomim, mechanchim, menahalim and mechabrei sefarim.
Others are baalei batim for whom Torah, avodah, gmeilus chasadim
and chinuch habanim remain the focal points of their lives.
Letter from the Editor
The MaHaRaL stresses many times that the essence of 'yetzias mitzrayim' is a rebirth of Am Yisroel. Of course we are not speaking of a physical birth for physically nothing changed, rather a spiritual birth. This is the day the people changed from simple flesh and blood humans into a nation of Hashem and His torah.

It is an appropriate time to remember that which ChaZaL say (Yoma 28b) Avrahan Avinu zaken ve'yosheiv bi'yeshiva, she'ne'emar "ve'Avraham zaken ba ba'yamim." Yitzchak Avinu zaken ve'yosheiv bi'yeshiva she'ne'emar "Va'yehi ki zakan Yitzchak." Yaakov Avinu zaken ve'yosheiv bi'yeshiva she'ne'emar "Ve'einey Yisroel kavdu mi'zoken."

The 'Yeshiva' was always an integral part of 'Am Yisroel'. The vitality - the life a Jew has - stems from the yeshiva where he was raised and educated. From childhood to old age and even when he has not crossed the threshold of his yeshiva for many years, the great flame that was ignited in his heart during his stay in yeshiva has guided him like a pillar of fire through all the twists and turns of life.

We were zoche that for many years Moreinu Harav Asher Zelig Rubenstein ZaTZaL stood over us and 'beat us in a merciful way with one wish, one request: "grow".

There are no words to describe those exalted days, those shiurim and shmuzim, and there is no one who can fill his shoes.

One of the main things we learned from being in Toras Simcha is that a yid never leaves yeshiva. In every place and every situation he is a 'Ben Yeshiva'.

This urged us to find a way to hold ourselves steadfast and to keep the pearls we were zoche to receive from the yeshiva by the handful, and to keep that burning flame ignited in each and every one of us alight in the light of the yeshiva.

With this in mind and with simply feeling negligent as family, for not keeping in touch, we sincerely apologize for not doing this years ago. We finally did set up a Yeshiva website where each and every talmid can continue to connect to the spark of the burning bush by listening to recent shiurim and shmuzim and whenever possible those from previous years as well.

We look forward to having this site work alongside the wonderful site of our dear alumnus Harav Yosef Tropper SHLITA who devoutly uploads, week by week shiurim of Moreinu Rav Asher ZaTZaL. Our agenda aside from the shiurim of the rabbeim, is to inform the alumni of all that is currently going on in the yeshiva and to give everyone a chance to keep in touch with the rabbiem, talmidim and alumni online in the forum page.

There will also be up-to-date contact information for the rabbeim and their schedualed visits abroad etc.

May it be the will of Hashem that through this website we will see a renewed connection with our students from around the world and that the burning fire ignited in them in the years of their youth burns forever.